Saturday, July 6, 2013

South Philadelphia firehouse possibly slated for demolition.

I saw in the Philly news today that an old firehouse dating back to the 1890s could meet its day with the wrecking ball.  The firehouse ceased operating in the 1950s and enjoyed a brief revival as a steakhouse until 2006. I saw this article mentioned in the Philadelphia discussion over at

Since a steakhouse probably will not be the best use for this place, considering one was attempted before, I suppose something else could give it a go.  Suppose a developer were to come along and convert this into a boutique hotel or a bed and breakfast, or perhaps an apartment complex and restaurant/retail space could occupy this building.

I think any of these ideas would be a good use.  One thing did come to mind, though, as I was reading this. I am serving as an ex officio member of the Planning Commission for Downingtown Borough, and we have an old firehouse that will reopen as a Mollie McGuires Irish Pub. If I remember correctly, it will have banquet space on the upper level.  Six hotel rooms were planned for the rear section of the lower level, but I believe that was scrapped.

Could something of similar scale have a success at this South Philadelphia location?

Here's the article from the Philly news: