Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Developments in the Strip: Conversion of Steel Mill to Mixed Use/Residential Development.

I saw this in the discussion over in the Pittsburgh development discussion over in Skyscraperpage.com.  Front Studio Architects, an architect with Pittsburgh and New York City offices, is developing a proposal that would transform a former Carnegie Steel mill into a mixed use development.  this would add residential units and office/retail.storage space in an already red-hot neighborhood for such development.

The best feature of this building is the fact that its exterior would be preserved with minor altercations to accommodate its intended use.  The Strip-Lawrenceville section of the city contains many industrial sites; many of them have been decaying for decades ever since the decline of industry over the years.  While some structures may be beyond repair or renovation, others like these are still structurally intact, making them likely candidates for preservation and reuse.  These buildings do give the neighborhood its character, and such a project would preserve its character, potentially enticing future residents to relocate there.

To view this project in detail, here is the link to the Front Studio Architects website highlighting this project.