Thursday, July 11, 2013

New vertical development in Philadelphia's Chinatown neighborhood.

From Philadelphia Inquirer:

I have been to this neighborhood several times, and I have often thought something was missing in this part of Chinatown. This should definitely add to the pedestrian activity, expanding it northward. Quoted from the article:

Thomas Betz, pastor at Holy Redeemer Chinese Catholic Church and president of PCDC, opened the meeting by saying that the Eastern Tower project--which is “really about to happen”--will help build a bridge for the Chinatown community across the Vine Street expressway. PCDC director John Chin said the project will be a new landmark for the growing Chinatown North community, and will help to “protect its boundaries, promote the neighborhood, and preserve its cultural identity.”

If I am reading that correctly, it looks as though the Chinatown community is trying to expand northward across the Vine Street Expressway. If that is the case, any development in this part of the city would be very welcome in my opinion. Most of this part of the city is derelict industrial use. Seeing those sites give way to future development would be a big plus not only for Chinatown, but for the city in general.