Friday, June 28, 2013

Village Green's proposal for a residential building in Pittsburgh's Bloomfield neighborhood.

Village Green, a developer specializing in residential developments, is proposing a 200-plus unit six story building in an East End neighborhood, following the continuing trend of residential developments as this part of the city continues its growth.  At six stories, this planned community to be called Morrow Park City Apartments will exceed the height limit of three stories.  To promote bicycling and transit use, there will only be 181 spaces for cars as well as 72 bike-sharing spaces.  The one thing I do not agree with, however, is the desire to opt out of any commercial or retail use on the ground floor of this structure.

Ground floor retail will add to the street activity along Baum Boulevard and Liberty Avenue.  Having a mix of necessity retail or commercial use, such as dry cleaning, banks, or laundromats, along with restaurants and bookstores could go along way to increase pedestrian activity in this part of the city.  Even if there are only those retail establishments providing necessary services for local residents, this would negate the purpose to take a personal vehicle or other means of transportation an extended distance.