Friday, June 21, 2013

Pittsburgh-Tribune Review article about the Produce Terminal and how it could properly be reused.

I'm taking a break from transportation issues for now, and focusing on development.  The following is from the Tribune-Review website:

"Lost" buildings can't be replaced

The article talks about how the Strip could be negatively impacted with the loss of a large portion of the Produce Terminal.  The article also mentioned how the old New York Penn Station gave way to the urban monstrosity that is Madison Square Garden.

What I liked about the article is it hinted at some ways this building can be reused that will not inversely impact its character or the character of the Strip.  The thing I really agree with is that even though this building is several blocks long, it does create this open space similar to an open plaza you would typically find in various cities in Europe, especially with the church marking the northeastern end of this "plaza."