Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cranberry-Evans City-Butler BRT

Pictured above is my idea for a Cranberry - Butler Bus-Rapid Transport route.  The Butler County Planning Commission outlined in their most recent Comprehensive Plan update that they want to link burgeoning Cranberry Township with the county seat of Butler by an improved transportation link.  Not only are the two linked together with this route, but Evans City is also accessible.  This route will follow ROW to be acquired along I-79, a widened Main Street/Evans City Road (PA 68), and an existing freight railroad line to Butler.  Total length according to Google Earth is roughly 22 miles.  Given an average speed of roughly 50 mph, average travel time between Cranberry and Butler could be cut by at least 40 percent.  Currently, a one-way trip between the two places can take as long as 40 minutes.