Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Another idea for US Steel's roof.

Ever since Bill Peduto announced his vision for the US Steel Tower's rooftop, I began thinking of how else it could be re-purposed aside from a park or open space as well as a reopened Top of the Triangle. Suppose the roof top were to have a lounge, either as part of the Top of the Triangle or as its own entity?

I've been reading up on other observation-uses in some other prominent structures, such as the proposed Comcast Innovation and Technology Center and 19 at the Bellevue, both of which are in Philadelphia. With the opening of US Steel's 840-foot tall new headquarters tower, Pittsburgh once had a top-floor high-end restaurant. Sadly, this restaurant closed its doors in July, 2001, and in 2008 UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) leased the space on the 62nd floor, ending any hope of having a restaurant or other public use on that floor.

A few years ago, then-mayoral candidate Bill Peduto, who at the time was a City Councilman representing Pittsburgh's east end neighborhoods, proposed an idea of converting the roof-top space into a recreational space. Some ideas called for an expanse of green space encompassing the entire one-acre roof-top, while others call for some type of rooftop glass enclosure allowing for more of a year-round all-weather-type of use. Below are images of my idea for this unique piece of real estate. I consider adding a couple of extra floors for restaurant/indoor observation use as well as a rooftop promenade.

Adding a few additional floors will transform this prominent office tower into a true destination for the city. People will not only come here to work, but they can come to take in the city's sights once again from this prominent location, dine at the restored Top of the Triangle, attend a banquet, meeting or a conference among other things. My idea also suggests extending the 21 vertical outer cor-ten columns that will house electricity-producing windmills, similar to those found on the exterior of Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field. PNC Financial Services is building its new headquarters tower as the greenest skyscraper in the world, why shouldn't Pittsburgh's tallest follow suit?