Monday, August 5, 2013

Redevelopment of Coatesville warehouse possible

I saw this in the Daily Local today while at my current job. The new owners of Lipkin's Warehouse want to convert the building into a mixed-use development containing condo units on its upper floors and a ground-level restaurant. Don Cochran, the owner, has expressed interest in possibly opening a microbrewery because such a use will cater to younger people, bringing them into the city of Coatesville which has been economically struggling for decades.

Mr Cochran also hopes that this new development will encourage other new endeavors to pop up throughout the city, sparking a reinvestment bringing in more businesses and residents. As for the city itself, the city has had the tendency to chase businesses away based on what a close source has said to me. If the city is trying to bring itself back, then they would be doing all they can to not only entice new businesses but to keep them there long term once they set up shop. This source, a Thorndale business owner who is a former Coatesville resident, informed me a while ago that a developer wanted to come in and put in a large mixed-use complex, but the city rejected the application.

As for this proposed development, it would be a great addition for the city of Coatesville. Hopefully this development will come to fruition and other businesses can follow suit back into what was once a vibrant city. I think if cities or other municipalities are struggling, the governing body(ies) need to become more open-minded and think outside the box when brainstorming ideas to bring their cities back.